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Fostering For Happy Jack Cats

“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.” 
~ Robert A. Heinlein


Important Things To Consider

To ensure that your foster experience is positive, there are a few things you should consider before committing being a foster parent.


THEY WILL LEAVE Your foster cat will ultimately leave your home. Because it is the property of the rescue, you will be expected to relinquish it upon request to HJC.  Because people prefer to adopt young kittens rather than older cats, the prime adoption period is between eight and ten weeks of age. At that time your foster animals will be advertised for adoption. To hold them beyond that age greatly reduces the possibility of their getting homes. 
LETTING GO: Letting go is not easy to do if you have formed attachments—and you will. Honestly ask yourself if you are emotionally equipped to let the cat go when the foster period is complete. This can be very difficult to do, so consider it carefully before committing to becoming a foster parent.

ARE YOU EIGHTEEN OR OLDER? Children and teenagers can be a big help when fostering, but the main caregiver must be an adult over 18 years of age.

SEPARATE & VACCINATE: You will need to be able to isolate your foster animals from your own pets. A separate room without carpet or a bathroom works best. Foster animals must be kept indoors. To keep everyone safe, make sure that your own animals are vaccinated.

DO YOU HAVE THE TIME?  It will be necessary for you to handle and play with your foster kittens. (This is where kids can be invaluable.) This is in addition to the time you spend attending to their physical needs: scooping litter boxes, feeding and cleaning up.  Ask yourself if you have the time and the willingness to do all of these things.

TRUST US: The personnel at HJC have years of experience homing kittens, and you can be assured that they do the best job possible. Potential adopters are selected only after a rigorous screening process. You will know your foster kittens' personalities better than anyone, and your input will be invaluable in this area, however, all adoption decisions will be the responsibility of and ultimately remain with HJC. We appreciate that you want the best for your foster kittens. We care about them too, and will always work hard to find them good, forever homes.

OUR REPUTATION: It is possible that at some point you may have to interact with clients. To protect the reputation of our rescue group, can you be cordial, considerate, and pleasant in situations where you represent HJC?

TRANSPORTATION: You will need to have a registered vehicle and be able and licensed to drive because you may have to transport cats for emergencies vaccinations, worming, exams, or surgeries. All animals must be transported in a kennel. Ask us for one.

SHOWING UP: HJC will NOT make an appointment for you without your consent. If you are unable to make a scheduled appointment, you must let HJC know, so that other arrangements can be made and all parties can be notified. Good manners go a long way toward success.

AVAILABILITY: You will be expected to make your foster kittens available for viewings to potential adopters and to facilitate the adoption process whenever possible. Our kittens' lives depend on them finding good homes. We can’t afford to lose one.

WHAT IF A CAT DIES?  For various reasons, sometimes cats do not survive. Are you prepared for that eventuality?

CLEAN UP: You will need to deep clean and disinfect the area where your foster animals stay between sets of foster cats in order to prevent the transfer of illnesses or parasites.

MONITORING THE HEALTH OF YOUR FOSTER ANIMAL: At any sign of problems or sickness, you will need to inform HJC immediately.

FINDING HOMES: If you are interested in helping find homes for your foster cat, that is wonderful. Just keep in mind that the cat is not available until they are spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, vaccinated and wormed. To adopt, the interested party will have to go through the regular adoption process. If your friends or family wish to adopt a cat from HJC, you will need to tell them that they will need to fill out the adoption agreement and they will be screened.

Hopefully, we have answered most of your questions, but if you have others, please contact Happy Jack Cats, Inc. We will be glad to help. Fostering can be rewarding and fun, but as you can see, you need to self-evaluate to see if it's for you. If you decide to give fostering a try,  know that you are playing a key role in the life of your foster animals, as well as a key role in the success of Happy Jack Cats, Inc. feline rescue and adoption group.

Fostering: Flexible, Rewarding & Fun!

Fostering can be a flexible, rewarding and FUN experience. If you decide to become a foster parent, you will be helping to save lives by providing love, care and a safe and secure environment for the cat(s) or kitten(s) in your home. You will experience the companionship of an animal without a long-term commitment or find out what pet ownership would be like for you and your family.

You would need to be able to get your foster animal(s) to the vet (HJC provides medical care), keep accurate medical records, and learn the cats’ personalities in order to help us find permanent placements for them. HJC will find homes for your fosters. Your job is simple: prepare you foster animals for adoption.

Without our network of committed fosters, HJC could not continue to save the lives. The importance of foster parents to our success and even our very existence as a rescue cannot be overstated.
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Foster Questionnaire
Sponsor a Cat or Kitten

You can sponsor an animal or animals while they are in a foster home and before their adoptions. Your sponsorship would help with the cost of food, litter, and other supplies. You can donate as much or as little as you want. You choose! We will send you weekly progress photos.