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Thanks PETCO!

Happy Jack Cats,  Inc., is a proud recipient of funding
from the Petco Foundation

in 2016, 2017 & 2018.


501 adoptions in 2017
1401 adoptions from 9/1/15 — 9/30/18

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“There is, incidentally, no way of talking about cats that enables one to come off as a sane person.”
~ Dan Greenberg

Where We Are

Happy Jack Cats, Inc. has is a foster-based rescue and adoption group. As yet, we do not have a facility.  We are based in Meridian, ID,  but serve Boise, Kuna, Nampa and some outlying areas. Call us, and we will arrange a meeting between you and the cat or kitten you are interested in.

Happy Jack Cats, Inc., PO Box 33, Meridian, Idaho, 83680


Surrendering Felines

It is far easier to find homes for kittens than adult cats. If you are planning on surrendering kittens to us so that homes can be found for them, please don't wait too long. To maximize the kittens' chances for placement, surrender them after they are weaned, between seven and ten weeks. The sooner the better. Their lives depend on it. 

Because of increased costs, we now charge a surrender fee of $45 for an individual and $75 for a litter, but any amount above those donations is welcome.

Due to finite resources, we are able to help only a limited number of animals. Happy Jack Cats, Inc., reserves the right to refuse any kitten or cat into our program for any reason.

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Two cats snuggling

:Rocky & Peanut

Rocky & Peanut we rescued together. Rocky was gathered up, and Peanut, the kitten, came running out of hiding to go with him. Rocky, being older, was offered for adoption at a Petco store and Peanut was put in a foster home. A few days later, Peanut was adopted, but when her new family heard about her friend, Rocky, they rushed to Petco and adopted Rocky too. Now the two friends are living happily together in a forever home.

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