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Thanks PETCO!

Happy Jack Cats,  Inc., is a proud recipient of funding
from the Petco Foundation

in 2016, 2017 & 2018.

501 adoptions in 2017
1243 Intakes since Q3 2015

Welcome to Happy Jack Cats, Inc.'s Official Website!

​This site is for those of you who are full-fledged, card-carrying, crazy cat people; those who are one cat short of crazy; 
those who have learned that cats are like potato chips, so you can't have just one; and the poor lost souls who don't have a cat.


"To give every healthy kitten a chance to live, grow, and thrive in a forever home."

Who Is Happy Jack Cats?

Happy Jack Cats, Inc., is an Idaho Non-Profit Corporation. We are a foster-based, no-kill rescue and adoption group based in Meridian, ID. but serving Meridian, Boise, and outlying communities. We were founded in 2015 by individuals concerned for the welfare of "throwaway" kittens and community cats.  We house all of our animals in foster homes throughout the area, excepting those showcased in two Petco stores: 3006 W. State St., Eagle, ID. and 3548 S. Findley Ave, Boise.  At this time (07/14/2018), we have no storefront location but look forward to having one in the future.

Happy Jack Cats, Inc., is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal
Revenue Code, EIN #47-5455805.

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*We are not licensed or practicing veterinarians. All opinions are our own and obtained through our own experience. We encourage you to seek out and speak with professional veterinarians about anything you are concerned about! A lot of the information that we know about is from speaking to professional veterinarians and we would be nowhere without them!

What We Do*

  • We provide clean, healthy, and loving environments, food, shelter, and temporary housing in foster homes for abused, stray, orphaned or abandoned kittens and cats until their adoptions. Felines are housed in cages only for special purposes: quarantine, injury care,  special needs, and display at Petco stores.
  • We promote public health and safety by encouraging vaccinations, including rabies.
  • We educate the community about animal welfare issues.
  • We find homes for cats and kittens in order to reduce the need for euthanasia. 
  • We strongly support and promote spay or neuter.
  • We are a no-kill rescue, and DO NOT euthanize to free up space.
  • We applaud and support the efforts of other shelters and rescues.
  • We proudly partner with Petco and The Petco Foundation.

Diago (male) was returned

If you are interested
in adopting a returned animal, fill out our 1 pg.

Lilly (female) was returned

Justice (male) was  returned

Jewels (female) was returned

Heading 3

Policy Change

In July and August 2018, we have had 16 adult cats returned to us. Although our ratio of returned cats to adopted cats is low because of our high adoption rate, nevertheless these returns have caused us to exceed our spatial capacity. Therefore, we have decided not to take-in any adult cats that were NOT adopted from Happy Jack Cats.

Because we have a limited number of foster homes, and all the returned cats have to be housed in foster homes or Petco stores, the return of these cats makes it difficult to take-in kittens. There simply isn’t room. Due to this unexpected influx of adult cats, we are asking anyone that is willing to foster or adopt adult cats to contact Happy Jack Cats.

We are hoping for a miracle. If we were to acquire land in Ada County for a sanctuary for unwanted cats, it would be the miracle we need. This cannot happen without the donation of land and/or funds from a patron(s). We know asking for this is a long-shot, but the need is huge, and we are not able to make this happen without help, so we are going public with this appeal. Please keep us in mind.

We encourage people who are not willing or able to commit to providing a forever home, not to adopt. Keep in mind that abandoned animals suffer depression from abandonment. At the same time, we know that there are unavoidable circumstances that make keeping your pet impossible, so we will honor our agreement with our adopters and take their pets back.

As always, we encourage the SPAY AND NEUTER of your pets. There are just not enough homes to go around.

Try this organization:

SNIP Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic

1785 W Cherry Ln, Meridian, ID 83642

Open ⋅ Closes 4:45 PM

(208) 576-7660