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Honorariums and Memorials 2016—2017

"When you're used to hearing purring and suddenly it's gone, it's hard to
silence the blaring sound of sadness." ~ Mark Twain

Happy Jack Cats would like to thank the following donors for their generous contributions, 
donated to commemorate either a friend, loved one or a beloved pet. 

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The Ron & Christa Bearry, in memory of Taz

The Gurnett family, in memory of Gracie.

The Dennis family, in memory of Dash

Carolyn Moore, in memory of Teddy Bear

Lou Ann Gaskell, in memory of

Ivy, Evie and Dietrich,  in memory of Hunter

Anthony Brother, in memory of Toby and B.C. (both rescue pets and both lived to 17 years old)
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$500 Donations:

Taz Bearry
Taz, the beloved pet of the Bearry family, died suddenly in December, 2015 at eight years old, and left a big hole where he used to be.

Hunter, beloved pet of Ivy, Evie, and Dee Dee, died in April, 2016 of thyroid disease. He was loved by everyone who met him. Rest in peace Hunter. You were a beautiful, sweet boy.
Teddy Bear Moore
Moo-Shu was the coolest cat I have ever known. His personality & demeanor were more like a dog. He had 3 canine brothers & sisters so they probably rubbed off on him a bit. He really took a liking to our Pit Bull, Dakota. You could frequently find him curled up with her on one of the dog beds snuggling. Dakota would look up at you like, "uh... Is this normal?" But she would continue to snuggle with him nonetheless. He also took a liking day one to our 1 year old daughter. Our family will greatly miss this little guy. 6 years was not long enough. "If love alone could have kept you here, you would have lived forever." We love you Moo-Shu.

All of Moo-Shu's things were donated to Happy Jack Cats by the family for the benefit of other cats. Thank you Amber Renae. We are very sorry for your loss.

Bo Bo Gaskell
Bo Bo  was attacked by a neighbor's dog who escaped from it's yard in April 2016. His injuries were so serious that he had to be put to sleep. Rest in peace kitty. Lou Ann Gaskell's

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened. 
Gracie: April 28, 2016, Melissa lost her cat Gracie. Gracie was very sick and in pain, so was put to sleep. As a kitten she had fallen into some chemical that damaged her tail (it had to be amputated) and also damaged her ears, legs and paws. It is possible that she ingested some of the chemical and received internal damage as well, which may have contributed to her death. RIP Gracie. 

Dash Dennis
Dash: This  sweet kitten, Dash, was taken too soon by FIP.  A loving home was provided for him by the Dennis family for the short time he was in the world. Rest in peace little Dash. You were loved.
Teddy Bear Moore
Teddy Bear was my beloved Red Tabby Persian Cat born June 5, 1996. He was full of personality. When he was young, he would hide in all kinds of places from on top of kitchen cabinets in baskets to opening cabinet doors and crawling in. He slept with me every night and as he aged would tap my shoulder with his paw to be petted before going to sleep. He was not a snuggly cat but he liked sitting next to you to be petted. He loved people and would often greet visitors at the door. Although he was an indoor cat, he loved to be outside in the back yard in the sun. He died this past August, 2015, at the age of 19 and two months. Carolyn Moore